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Tricep press downs Workout Tracker

Save your strength training workouts. Our Triceps press downs workout tracker stores all your sets and reps.

By using our App you can see your strength progression doing Triceps press downs

How should the Triceps press downs be performed?

Triceps press downs form should be good. If the weight is too heavy and the form is bad lower the weight.

Use a cable machine of some sort. Plate loaded or pin stacked.

Choose a small straight bar or slightly bent triceps bar.

Grab the bar with and overhand grip and your elbows by your side.

Slowly push the bar down while keeping the upper arm still.

Push down until you feel a squeeze in the triceps muscle.

hold for 1 second then control the negative and return to the starting position.

Try to keep the upper arm locked in place to avoid using other muscles.

Using a too heavy weight and losing strict form is a very common mistake.

The Triceps press downs is a isolation exercise targeting the triceps and best performed on a triceps or arm workout.

Triceps press downs final set results from this users sets

Tricep press downs Results Using Progressive Overload

Set Number Weight Lifted Reps Completed Date
4 10.00 KG 8 Sat 4th Apr 2020
4 12.50 KG 6 Mon 27th Apr 2020
4 12.50 KG 10 Mon 4th May 2020
4 15.00 KG 7 Mon 11th May 2020
4 15.00 KG 8 Thu 21st May 2020
4 17.50 KG 7 Thu 28th May 2020
4 17.50 KG 8 Tue 2nd Jun 2020
4 17.50 KG 3 Thu 2nd Jul 2020
4 17.50 KG 4 Wed 15th Jul 2020

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