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Back Lat Pull Downs Workout Tracker

Store your Back Lat Pull Downs workouts directly on your phone using the strengthlog App.

Recording your weight lifting workouts is a good way to see your progress on Back Lat Pull Downs

How should the Back Lat Pull Downs be performed?

Back Lat Pull Downs form should be good. If the weight is too heavy and the form is bad lower the weight.

From the starting position

Pull the weight down so the bar comes behind the head.

Hold for 1 second then slowly lower back to start position.

Using a too heavy weight and losing strict form is a very common mistake.

Back Lat Pull Downs are a great exercise ideally targeting the back muscles and should be performed on a back day.

Results from using the strengthlog app while doing Back Lat Pull Downs

Back Lat Pull Downs Results Using Progressive Overload

Set Number Weight Lifted Reps Completed Date
4 50.00 KG 8 Fri 20th Mar 2020
4 52.50 KG 6 Thu 26th Mar 2020
4 52.50 KG 7 Wed 1st Apr 2020
4 52.50 KG 8 Fri 17th Apr 2020
4 55.00 KG 5 Sat 25th Apr 2020
4 55.00 KG 6 Fri 1st May 2020
4 55.00 KG 7 Thu 7th May 2020
4 55.00 KG 8 Sun 17th May 2020
4 57.50 KG 6 Fri 22nd May 2020
4 57.50 KG 7 Tue 26th May 2020
4 57.50 KG 8 Tue 2nd Jun 2020
4 57.50 KG 6 Tue 7th Jul 2020

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