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Bench press Set ID 4709

How To Perform Bench press

Muscles Worked



This user completed 12 reps on 105.00kg doing Bench press

The first time they completed set number 1 they got 12 reps on 100.00kg on Thu 14th Jan 2021

In 44 days they made a gain of 10kg on this set.

The results below are set number 1

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Set Number Weight Lifted Reps Completed Date
1 100.00 KG 12 Thu 14th Jan 2021
1 102.50 KG 10 Mon 18th Jan 2021
1 102.50 KG 11 Sat 30th Jan 2021
1 105.00 KG 12 Mon 15th Feb 2021
1 110.00 KG 12 Sat 27th Feb 2021

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